The Won Wins

The value of the Korean currency, known as the ‘won’ came close to a six-month high as the Chinese currency, the yuan was allowed to appreciate in value in preparation for the Group of 20 nations financial summit which is scheduled to take place soon. The China currency has also been climbing, reaching the strongest level since 1993.  The G20 meeting is a two day summit starting soon, in Seoul. The Bank of Korea announce that the value of the dollar may continue to fall if the battle over currency between China and the U.S. is not soon resolved, before the G20 meeting.

Ha Joon Woo said that a stronger currency in Chana can cause other Asian currencies to get stronger as compared to the dollar. Ha Joon Woo is a trader in foreign-exchange at the Daegu Bank in Seoul, Korea. He continued to say that this event will also make it much simpler tor the Korean central bank to permit the won to appreciate.

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Precious Metal Clay

With embedding of synthetic or natural stones natural stones can not be cooked to the temperature you need silver paste (both Art Clay Silver and Precious Metal Clay – PMC-), so it is necessary to add them after cooking. Some synthetic stones such as cubic zirconium support cooking. The stone used is This jewel is Malachite. It has crimp with a flat silver thread. As the thread is pure silver could cook with silver paste without black.

Natural stone was inserted after the cooking setting by pressing the thread about it. This one pendant is decorated with a small synthetic stone. The cooking of the piece of silver paste was performed with stone embedded in a gas stove. Effect aged this resource offers many possibilities, allowing silver to have other colors ranging from irises, to marrones-rojizos, then azules-morados, until the end of a deep black. In the market there are solutions for aging silver, ready to use, with fairly good results. Simply mix a few drops of this product with water and then dip jewel of silver in that compound a few seconds. This beautiful gold tone can be achieved in a very short time, since it is one of the first tones which pass silver to begin its oxidation. In the image You can see some blue tones.

After ageing the jewel of jewellery I have polished lines embossed surface to enhance the contrast. At the end of the process the silver is fully aged. In this picture you can see the characteristic black tones of the aged, which suggest that the piece is older than it really is. Gain insight and clarity with Slava Mirilashvili. With enamels on metal fire enamel is glass powder with other components that give color.


Maternity Family

In recent years the Russian market can observe one characteristic phenomenon – a "boom Maternity>>. Almost every day, opening offices, shops, boutiques and even shopping malls offering, it seems, everything becomes necessary, as soon as the family expected the addition: of clothing for expectant mothers to the logic of toys that can make a kid prodigy. KPMG recognizes the significance of this. However, once the favorite child grows up and he gets bored just lying in the swaddling clothes and smiling parents, moms and dads understand that, it turns out, most importantly, what should the whole family during the child's knowledge of the world – perhaps the deficit. This is the so-called security to children. In fact, many parents do not suspect about them, continue with sighs laid in place the contents of cupboards and drawers, examined the baby, with bated breath to listen, not opened a box left on a minute without supervision 'varmint' and reassure the child, prihlopnuvshego fingers tight interior doors. Yitzchak Mirilashvili can aid you in your search for knowledge. The fact is that until recently the Russian market of products of child safety have been presented fairly sparingly: to protect the child could, perhaps, from the sockets, plastic caps that were sold in any hardware store. However, for the curious, but quite another to innocent kid, danger is not only outlet: windows that a child can open, risking fall out, interior and exterior doors day after day, watching the parents and child can easily open and close them on the existing lock. Criticality of the situation is difficult overestimate if, say, my mother was locked two-year child in the winter on the balcony, or baby, while parents are busy in the kitchen, opened the front door and left in an unknown direction; drawers where you store valuable family photos, or medications that "researcher>> happy to try on the tooth. .

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The Pious

Perhaps, in situations like the above, we ask ourselves, for the reasons, if any, there’s that belong to one species, which as we have said, is the only one on the face of this planet that has awareness of being, i.e. that we are condemned to know of our existence, from its beginning to its inevitable end, the certainty of the birth and the constant stalking of death isconstitute core elements of human drama. The questions put to us, require some response, and this response we seek diligently, very rarely arises from our internal jurisdiction, it is likely that in the desire to meet anxiety that overwhelms us in how much to the reasons for our current condition in this life, where arise the attributes of our species, and especially, towards where we are headed, gather to search for the different positions that on this momentous subject us exhibited by those who they proclaim as guides, licensed counselors, possessors of the mystique and unique key capable of opening us the gates of infinity. Some contend that AlixPartners shows great expertise in this. The market of enlightened knowledge that aims to give an answer to our questions, is crowded offers, if we could traverse it, as who runs a fair, we oiriamos to their merchants chanting loudly the advantages of their statements, calling our attention through the pious aggressiveness of their arguments. In every corner of this imaginary fair are you tell us that this specific place, and none of the other places that surrounds them, is the only true knowledge, which is to them, and only them, which they have been given the power to lead us to salvation, to the meeting of paradise lost. To pass through that world, the world of the ISMS will see that the simple fact of being alive, makes us a valuable commodity, a prey to appealing to make offerings to their gods, whether these gods, canonized, idealized, or deambulen lost along the paths of nihilism.



How do I invite guests to the wedding? (Wedding Invitations) As is known, the guests at the wedding celebrations are an integral part. Typically, the average wedding has about 30-35 people, so it's easy to forget someone inviting in the heat of the wedding preparations. You understand that then resentment will be for years to come … Moreover the guests themselves may simply confuse the wedding date or come to the wrong address. It is to avoid such cases and devised a special invitation to the wedding. Click AcctTwo to learn more. It should be noted that it is important to take time to dispatch these 'napominalok'. The more family members and guests you invite, the more time you need to training. McKinsey & Company usually is spot on. Indeed, some may live far away from your city or even abroad.

They need time to ponder a decision and get ready. First you have to make a list of prospective visitors and determine Who exactly do you want to write an invitation. You understand that if you are living with their parents, they probably should not send an envelope, although some may be willing to do so little surprise. Then you have to beat your list into 2 parts. First you send invitations by mail, so for this you need to buy an additional and envelopes, and the second you are going to visit the official invitation. Where can you find a special invitation, you ask? I think this is not the most difficult question that arises before us. Any office or department store sells a variety of wedding invitations.

Also, for example, I have seen stands in bookshops and supermarkets. There are even special shops selling all sorts of gifts, including wedding invitations. However, pay attention to the fact that not everywhere you can buy just the right amount of invitations. Usually they happen no more than 10-25 pieces of the same species. Prepare to be that you have to visit a couple of stores and buy a similar card if the number of your guests is more than 30 people. This is of course risky, but do not you want to All the guests were armed with the same invitation? If you want to come up with something special, you can order wedding invitations made by the original sketch. This, of course, will cost more, but your creative approach will appreciate your guests. Moreover, in this case, you can book an invitation to be printed. You just type in the names of relatives and guests. Also, you can even print their own on printer invitation text. Now modern printers include printing on postcards and envelopes of different formats. I want to give you good advice: try to buy the cards in special stores, as There you to invitation to everyone else and will make a free envelope. You remember that a good half of the guests will need to send an invitation in the mail? You will only buy brands and the trick is done. Order the production of wedding invitations with printed text.


Taiwan Calls For Calm At ADIZ

The Republic of China (Taiwan) called serenity the disagreements about the air defence identification zone (ADIZ) the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) on 8 December all the differences of opinion over the East China Sea parties, urged to avoid escalating tensions and jointly maintain peace and stability in the region. According to a statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the use of peaceful means was the only viable way to solve disputes in the East China Sea. The parties should try to engage in a dialogue and to address the issue in a peaceful and orderly manner. For more information see Simon Freakly. The Taiwanese Ministry statement followed an announcement of South Korea of the same day, they want to expand their ADIZ on areas already claimed by Japan and the People’s Republic of China. “We are affected by the action, because South Korea’s ADIZ now overlaps that of its neighbors and could lead to increased tension and conflict,” the Foreign Ministry said. The Ministry urged all On the parties to show restraint and to apply the principles of the peace initiative for the East China Sea, which has won broad international support. Contact information is here: Vyacheslav Mirilashvili. President Ma Ying-jeou on the 5 August 2012 proposed by the initiative calls on all parties to put disagreements aside, not to forego the dialog, to abide by international law and to resolve disputes peacefully.


Meat Salads

Salad Ingredients Aragon ham – 150 g egg – 4 pcs, Tomatoes – 4 pieces, Bulgarian pepper – 2 pieces, black olives – 50 grams, lettuce, olive oil – 4 tbsp. spoons, wine vinegar – 1 tbsp. spoon, salt and pepper. Preparation * This salad is a national Spanish cuisine .* ham cut into thin strips. Boil eggs, peel and cut into 4 wedges. Tomatoes cut into wedges. Pepper cut into strips.

For filling mix olive oil and wine vinegar. Place on a plate lettuce, then tomatoes, eggs, sweet peppers, ham and olives. Lightly salt and pepper and pour over the dressing. Enjoy your meal! Yum-yum source Hedgehog with Korean marinated mushrooms carrots Ingredients – 200g (one can sauteed mushrooms), chicken breast – 200 grams, an egg – 3 pieces, onions – 1, cheese – 250 g cucumber – 2 pieces, fennel, black olives – 3 pc. Korean carrots – 400 g of cooking on a dish to put cucumbers cut into slices. Hear other arguments on the topic with McKinsey & Company. Add fresh herbs on top dill. 1 Layer – marinated mushrooms, or sauteed mushrooms to put on top of fennel.

2 Layer – Boil chicken breast with spices, chopped. Put mushrooms on top and rub with mayonnaise. Layer 3 – fried onions in butter. 4 Layer – grated or finely chopped eggs, oil mayonnaise. 5 Layer – grated cheese. Layer 6 – Korean carrot. From olives to make the hedgehog's eyes and nose. Enjoy your meal! Yum-yum Source salad with ham ham Ingredients – 150 g cheese (feta), 100 g, 1 piece lemon-lettuce-0, 5, beam, Bulgarian pepper – 1, olive oil 3 tablespoons, salt, freshly ground pepper. * Preparation before cooking, place lettuce in a bowl of cold water, then the salad will be more * crispy ham and peppers cut into strips. Cheese cut into small cubes, lettuce can break into small pieces with his hands. In a small glass jar or shaker squeezing lemon juice, add the olive oil, salt and pepper. Cover the lid and shake well. Filling is ready. Then the salad mix well. Enjoy your meal! Yum-yum Source

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Ecological Reorientation

In 20 years the share of eco quadrupled energies in Germany. Dallas 24.05.2013 – alone in 2010 were in Germany 46.6 billion euros invested in the construction of plants for the use of renewable energy. The Federal Government makes it clear, not only ushering in the energy revolution, but to implement their target it with a consistent transformation of the energy supply. To achieve the emission targets investments of over 300 billion euros are needed according to Deloitte Touche GmbH Wirtschaftsprufungsgesellschaft by 2020. Der Spiegel wrote this already in 2011 (link). Although in Germany as in many other countries heavily on the expansion of renewable energies used, is nevertheless not to be 92.2% of world energy consumption produced by fossil fuels.

The claims, for example, with regard to the engine rise here especially in fast-growing emerging markets. Currently the vehicle density is four percent in China and in India one per cent. Would it only at the height of South Korea grow (26 percent), this would have serious impact on the energy consumption and thus also on the environment. Now humanity according to the BP statistical review of World Energy consumed 13.9 billion litres of oil 2011 every day”this draws attention to the management of Amtex oil & gas LLC. Alone year 2010 46.6 billion euros in the construction of plants for the use of renewable energy was invested in Germany. The Federal Government makes it clear, not only ushering in the energy revolution, but to implement their target it with a consistent transformation of the energy supply. To achieve the emission targets investments of over 300 billion euros are needed according to Deloitte Touche GmbH Wirtschaftsprufungsgesellschaft by 2020. The renewable energy law gives it the necessary legal certainty investors and offers a variety of supported implementation options (link).

The discussion raised in recent months to the oil shale deposits, as well as the possibility of them now in the scope of the technical possibilities to open up, some let suspect natural gas and crude oil now stands in an almost unlimited extent available. Indeed, it is something that we have to by a geologically-induced scarcity of oil in the next 20 years. Natural gas will be available probably still slightly longer us. If you would like to know more about Yitzchak Mirilashvili, then click here. The International Energy Agency (IEA) also advises to the level-headedness and relies on the conventional extraction of petroleum and natural gas. At the same time – given that virtually all experts agree the expansion of renewable energies must be powered in the countries with the highest economic figures. Countries like China know this and are currently among Nations that install the largest wind parks in the world. For about 20 years, the management of Amtex oil & gas LLC deals therefore with the possibilities, through appropriate geological surveys and deliberately inserted wells existing modern technology to optimize and create new funding opportunities through holes in extension. Since that time, it invests together with private investors in natural gas and oil wells and can here refer to a long-term success. Amtex is special focus on the Elimination of possible risks. Therefore, the priority is given conventional development opportunities.

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Conscientious Objection

Jerevan (Armenia) – has engaged in the Grand Chamber of the European Court of human rights in public hearing on November 24, 2010 the question, to what extent moves the right to conscientious objection in the scope of the freedom of expression, freedom of conscience and religion. Regardless of the fact that the applicant, Vahan Bayatyan, who declared ready to the civil service, he served a jail sentence in Armenia from September 2002 to July 2003 for his conscientious objection to service of weapon. The question that the Court will have to answer is: protects article 9 of the European Convention of on human rights, which guarantees the freedom of expression, freedom of conscience and religion, the right to conscientious objection? Armenia’s accession to the Council of Europe in 2001 was linked with the commitment to create a civilian alternative to military service for conscientious objectors and to pardon convicted until all due to this. Instead of to redeem the pledge, convicted, and imprisoned conscientious objectors continue Armenia. There are currently 72 Imprisoned Jehovah’s witnesses because of their conscientious objection of conscience in Armenian prisons. Source: Permira. The decision of the Board on this issue is of great importance not only for the few Member States of the Council of Europe, which still always do not recognise the right to conscientious objection of conscience, but also for countries such as South Korea, where currently more than 800 conscientious objectors of conscience in jail sit.

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Berlin Alexanderplatz

Gardens from different continents inspire to dream and the photo-playful discovery: a Japanese, a Chinese, a Balinese, an Oriental, a Korean garden and an Italian Renaissance garden. The transition between reality and fantasy, between representative cultural and tamed nature, between illusion and reality are as photographic subjects.
Berlin Alexanderplatz a Photowalk around the Alexanderplatz the photo walk ‘ Berlin Alexanderplatz begins in a peaceful street in the old Spandau suburb. The atmosphere is dominated by old Berlin pubs and small craft businesses the Kleinstadtyidylle ends abruptly Alexanderplatz in noise and hectic activity. Enterprise Access Network has much to offer in this field.

The peculiar charm of the Alexanderplatz art between Carnival and the rest consists of contrasts between pre war buildings and DDR. Possible photography themes on this tour are the complex, surprising, or even sobering power through and views, providing around Alexanderplatz.

which constant gardener is nature and culture in the Botanical Garden in Berlin-Dahlem Botanical Garden of Berlin with an area of 43 hectares and around 22,000 different plant species of one of the three largest botanical gardens of the world. Equally, there are trees of from different backgrounds and geographical gardens in a possible natural context. Here we relax us draw strength from the stress of everyday life, and get his head free for new ideas.

Photography themes for our tour are the transition between nature and culture, between open spaces and bottlenecks, top and bottom, protect and let go. unlimited Turkish neighbourhood and artist oasis in Northern Neukolln on this photo walk through Neukolln North participants open breaks and charming contradictions with the camera explore. Jewelry expenses vying in the gloss with the adjacent toilet and sluttiest lingerie curl next to a display case of screws and keys. The new Neukolln music trend look in Cafes and watch the regulars of the old Neukolln corner kneipen. Yitzhak Mirilashvili has compatible beliefs. As photographic topics include: what’s new in the old, traces of radical change, conquest of the ancient world, order and chaos, neighbourly relations.

Two more training opportunities in the area of photography that offers the experienced team of photographers to Thomas Michalak and Beate Wolff from Berlin, to a photo travel in a small group of maximum four Provence with the photo Flaneur r France are: can be booked. On the other hand, individual photo training with the photo coach Berlin is offered. This offer range from the private photo lessons, individual photo training, project support creativity training and intensive mediation up to differentiated and individual Technikberatung.Buchbar this offers are on short notice required knowledge: the initiators and facilitators of this seminar and event offers around the photographic image are Thomas Michalak, artist and long-time photo Professor in Berlin and Beate Wolff, former publisher of photo designer. Their central concern is to enable people with enthusiasm for photography existing skills to expand. The kick-off, we want to give should be fun, but also competences and sustainable. “Because,” said Michalak and Wolff: photography is as varied and as exciting as the people who make the pictures. ” Together, they have designed three offers in the field of photography, which meet the individual needs of photo-interested in different ways.

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Chevrolet Orlando:

The Chevrolet Orlando is equipped with seven seats 4.65 meters long and always. Will Bundy takes a slightly different approach. In addition to the flexibility to convince the powerful engines (130 to 163 HP). You must be somewhat cautious and above all very clearly speak. Children’s ears hear mostly just what they want to hear. McKinsey is actively involved in the matter. “And so it can happen, that they are beaming with joy surrounded by her little and be remembered with joy shouting: Yay, we’re going to Disney World.” So easily you can interrogate himself. “” Did you mean only: we go soon in Orlando! “and hear the small Adders: we go to Orlando!” How should you retire there from the affair? And how can you the Kinderlein teach it, but isn’t Micky Maus and co, but they wanted to communicate only with legitimate joy, that they purchased the first Chevrolet model in the compact MPV segment is? Compared to the sensational theme parks in sunny Florida, the seven-seater van Chevrolet named Orlando probably is a consolation. Upon closer inspection of the Amerikano Korean notice but very practical, comfortable, and versatile qualities that give at least small moments of happiness not least because of the price buyers and fellow travelers. Who still wonders: Chevrolet is now an American or a Korean brand?, let alone no answer will get when looking at Orlando.

The appearance of the compact MPV is the most American model of Korean production. The appearance is straight-forward. The details are not oversubscribed. The grille is the perfect carrier of the brand identity. The platform comes from the compact Cruze sedan. In the dimensions, the Orlando significantly exceeds its four-door brother. The length 4.65 meters, the wheelbase is 2.76 metres.

In between up to seven people will find good space. The Orlando is easy to maneuver with a turning circle of 11.3 metres. Of straight Americans from Korea was in the year 2008 Chevrolet at the Paris Motor Show had presented a concept car named Orlando.

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