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Ivan Pavlov

It originated in the historical development of man under the influence of labor. "At first, labor – Engels wrote, – and then with him articulate speech were the two most important stimuli under the influence of which the brain gradually … Continue reading

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Second Life

Virtual communities: virtual community is called to that community whose ties, interactions and relationships take place not in a physical space but in a virtual space like the Internet. Are sites social interaction formed by profiles personal users that includes … Continue reading



The bakeries have proved as an excellent way of making bread at home ideal for people with allergies or require special dietary care. The bread is the result of a fermentation process that involved at least one cereal, softens water … Continue reading

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Multifuel Biomass Boiler

The purchase of a multi-fuel biomass boiler is a very good choice since we test the price of fuels depending on the season and the offer in the market. There are boilers that use various solid fuels, such as: Pellet, … Continue reading