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Rotating Magnetic Field

Separation is effectively used for the distribution of blood components. The essence of separation is very easy to understand, when you consider that blood consists of two components – the blood cells (Ris.1.5) and plasma. Each component has its own … Continue reading

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The Validity Of Refilling Cartridges

Soundness and economic feasibility of refilling cartridges Let’s try to find an example cartridge HP LJ @ 2612a toner cartridge, which costs 1930 rubles, so before you question arose to buy a new cartridge original or refill the empty cartridge, … Continue reading

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Baseline Medical Examination

Developments on the current situation in Russia shows that the formation of production teams, ensuring high-quality human resources are crucial factors in the effectiveness of production and competitiveness. As rationally choose personnel how to reduce the rotation of personnel, how … Continue reading