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Energa Million

It duplicates to its investment in few months with the greatest agroenergtica of Latin America 24 Julio 2009 By Paola Pecora Besides the leadership in agroenerga in Latin America, this company is, at world-wide level, the third sugar producer, the … Continue reading


Urban Life

Aristotle and the Urbana&#039 Life; ' All city is a type of association, and all association is established in view of some good (therefore the men always act aiming at something that considers to be a good); therefore, the society … Continue reading


Colombian State

Below some practical cases the day of the community manager. Jessica Judex (2010) the Agency UM (Colombia), for example, CITES were doing for Valentine one the most voted couple photo contest on Facebook, however, the community manager in time detected … Continue reading


Hallmark Social Calendar

It is adjusted to emphasize that this has its good control system on our confidential data by using the new privacy policies which boasts Facebook where limited part of the information that makes up a long ago could be accessed … Continue reading


BitDefender Application

After to have already seen innumerable attacks all type of pages Web, social networks, vestibules of players online, etc. in these days is touching the turn to that young person, but implanted, social network to him that is Twitter. Thus, … Continue reading


Tango Course Management

In Mendoza, whether you’re administrator of a large multinational or a small business, the most reliable system for Administration is Tango management, a tool used throughout the country which has as a main advantage the compatibility with forms and systems … Continue reading

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Marketing Mix

MARKETING MIX. Introduction the marketing concept has since has very despertado the interest of some scholars, therefore today an organization becomes almost impossible, either it with lucrative ends or not, to reach its objectivos (mainly of financial nature) without the … Continue reading


The Markets

In Switzerland it is not forbidden to eat dogs, cats, or other pets. Only it is forbidden to trade with their meat. The fact that the condition suffered by dogs in their process to kill them, and get to those … Continue reading

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Facebook Marketing Workshop

With Facebook Marketing successfully “As in Facebook companies closer to their customers in their own business.” Christian Kramer, consultant for the ‘startup Navigator’ from Freising, summarizes. The marketing expert with a focus opens self-employed, freelancers and professionals from the region … Continue reading


Christmas Markets

Christmas markets in Vienna – the charm of the capital city of the Christmas markets in Vienna practice has always been a special attraction to visitors from. Year after year guests from all countries in the Austrian capital to flow … Continue reading

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