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Concrete Vermiculite

Thermal conductivity of some materials Exfoliated vermiculite 0.04 – 0.062 W / mK Basalt canvas 0.04 – 0.062 W / mK expanded clay gravel 0.12 W / mK asbestos-cement slab 0,13 W / mK Foam 0 14 – 0.18 W … Continue reading

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Stockacher Beach

A new variant of the popular Beachflags: The beach flag Beachflags are known, teardrop-shaped event flags, which no longer are today from the image of large pedestrian zones and at sports events. Where on a Sonderangeot or a brand to … Continue reading

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Burgenstock Moments

\”Burgenstock moments – visions for a cultural venue of the twenty-first century Stansstad, Burgenstock under the name of Burgenstock moments\” an ambitious and forward-looking cultural event series called on Pentecost Sunday, May 31, 2009 on the Burgenstock on Lake Lucerne. … Continue reading

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Organizational Cultures

Main reasons that manifest the undeniable triumph in some organizational cultures. Introduction successful companies seek to be flexible and sensitive to accept social and cultural differences of their staff, so they become perceptive and adaptable to perform their functions. Some … Continue reading

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Best Logo Design Sites

You want to quite confusing for one find thousands of logo design sites on the internet which is does not know which logo design service would be better for them. Perhaps. You want to quite confusing for one find thousands … Continue reading