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Brazilian Market

Its Zezinho (the Z Oliveira), of the Village Manoel Priest de N3obrega (Campinas) that costuma to say: to speak until parrot says. What I wise person am not that the popular said one could be applied to another type of … Continue reading


Email Marketing

Do you think that it is important to be in touch with your customers? Many customers and money lost due to lack of communication? many entrepreneurs make the mistake of not implementing communication systems to keep our customers informed. In … Continue reading

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Marketing Surveys

Presented a statistical portrait is based on a marketing survey of 68 representatives of the profession in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny. In total, respondents identified more than 80 marketers, but rather because marketers busy people, as a result of … Continue reading


Yahoo Marketing

The search marketing is the use of the sites of search to promote its company, business, product through its good positioning in the pages of results. The search in these sites as the Google, Yahoo, Bing, starts with a word/phrase … Continue reading


Twitter Marketing Adds

One of the new methods of advertising on the Internet is the use of social networks like Twitter, a service that is free and is available for small and large businesses. (Not to be confused with Uber!). Open an account … Continue reading

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Market Research

For example, the client is interested a wide range of products and a small saturation depth but with a high degree of harmony. Such data can be obtained as a result of market research (surveys, questionnaires, etc.). Senator from Maine … Continue reading


Basic Frame

komnatSteny are different – ready to sandwich panels and teams. note – unlike ready-to typesetting cardinal. Ready-made on special machines that have a layer of metal on each side and soaked insulation (combustible or noncombustible). Dial sandwich – it is … Continue reading


Gown Catalogue

Any girl from their school days dreaming of an elegant marriage of big lace dress with an inevitable and a transparent veil. Many dream becomes a reality, providing the ability to follow after many years of admiring your photos in … Continue reading

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After this fast hug himself with his hands, making a deep breath, then quickly exhale through the mouth and make a motion with his hands as if you want to fly. The entire set of exercises, repeat 3-4 times. Energizing … Continue reading

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The Bread

A cold soup of beer What need: 200 grams dried and crushed on bread, a half liter of lager beer, a little lemon, 50-70 grams of raisins and sugar to taste. What we do: pour beer in pre-prepared pan, add … Continue reading