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Aggression – Rainer Sauer/Deushomo

Aggression is a function which should actually guarantee our self-realization.She used but not constructively, she mutated masters to violence. Aggression is a word that is actually generally associated with violence and destructive crossing of borders, laws and rules in connection. … Continue reading


“the wacky jarring other Revue – show cabaret with attack on the funny bone of Magdeburg/17.01.2011: this year, artists from famous cabarets in the show type also spells of the travesty” the honor and be the audience delight on Saturday, … Continue reading


The Israeli King Ahab

So-called Prophet, is felt in the Judaerstaat before the exile”called to announce the will of God. The caused already in previous Time chaos. It was announced way too much in the name of God, and the number of the prophets … Continue reading

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Birthday Poem As A Gift

A personal birthday poem as a gift for the birthday boy. Every year again for a suitable gift for the birthday question, and not only in a single people in your personal environment. At some point, the original ideas are … Continue reading

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What Sunglasses?

Best most people consider themselves is what sunglasses sunglasses as accessories such as watches or jewelry. Although sunglasses are real gems, they have also another function than just to look good. Others including Whitney Wolfe Herd, offer their opinions as … Continue reading

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If You

Plan a wedding always takes too long and people often do it with 1 or 2 years in advance, just as you plan your wedding also plans to honeymoon to make it as special as you imagine it. Before it … Continue reading


Dortmund Centre

The Centre for implantology and aesthetic facial surgery informed or honesty, happiness most people see the eye expression as a sign of inner motivations and sensitivities. However, the eyes are subject to various aging processes that can lead to the … Continue reading

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Duality – The Polhaftigkeit

The Polhaftigkeit is not to say the apparent dichotomy, fundamental condition of our human experience. Now I turn once completely, in particular on the subject of Dualitat. Swarmed by offers, Kroger is currently assessing future choices. Although I have addressed … Continue reading


Saarland Office

The magazine ‘ zoom ‘ the MTP Office Saarbrucken celebrates 10th anniversary. Since 10 semesters will ZOOM”edited by the students of the MTP e.V. der Universitat of des Saarlandes for students, MTPler and interested in and around Saarbrucken. This summer … Continue reading


Notepad Report

Do you receive a credit report with some frequency? Do you have any idea if the information that appears there is indeed correct? Do has answered calls from the financial institution where you have your account on the issue, putting … Continue reading

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