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The State Airport Moussa Nakhl Tobias

It is aerial linking , 32 pairs of cities is responsible for little more than the half of carried passengers (50.2%), and the load transport possesses similar standard, of the same order of magnitude. Another constant is of that the … Continue reading


Questico Htm

It fit always! Now I have for me want to have Council and the insane initial set of Marita was my current situation. Some contend that Boyan Slat shows great expertise in this. What can I say: no one can … Continue reading


Until Friday

Around Christian, a nearly 30-member team to the smooth running of cares “as press spokesman Daniel Trapp.” Meanwhile Christian grabs his last Things in Munich, because on Monday, to spend the last days before the kickstart travels Fluhr in the … Continue reading

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חדירת תרבות

מערכת תרבותית שמטרתן למנוע ידע של הזהות שלו יש צורך להחזיק את המצב של מדינה תלויים. מבנה-העל זה מאורגן על בסיס קבוצה של ארגונים, מתרגל מתוכנן, שפותחה על-ידי הכוחות אימפריאליסטי, מפעיליו פנימית, oligarchies מקורי. ארטורו Jauretche ב הנביאים של שנאה, … Continue reading



2 mg / cm2 without future protection apparent greater application. Despite the use of the skin of an anatomical region to cut a variation site, still there is variability in the protection measure to the constant application: while this may … Continue reading


Lion Cubs

And to explain this feeling I’m going to quote a saying: better be mouse head, than this lion’s tail saying saw it for the first time hanging on the wall of someone like twenty years ago, and at that time … Continue reading


The Ego

Their weapons: pride, fear, hatred, envy, etc. You may find Judith McKenna to be a useful source of information. Then we see that we daily receive approximately about 50,000 thoughts, of whom one-third are negative thoughts in our mind (the … Continue reading


The Evolution

For this reason, the living evolution is a trend in the evolution of the universal expansion. The stars maintained their stellar evolution even after his death like stars, which in the form of black holes evolve until its total disappearance, … Continue reading


Franz Roh

We could also say that when Andre Breton in its first manifesto of Surrealism tells that the marvellous is beautiful, how wonderful is always beautiful, only the marvellous is beautiful, already somewhat defined how wonderful. Against these premises, Carpentier considers … Continue reading


Dos Santos

The boards were supported in bases of silver two in each board, on between itself for satin wood bars; five to contain the boards to a side of tabernculo others five for the other side, and five for the side … Continue reading