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Extraordinary Gifts

it's still half woes, but if that's a gift for the anniversary will need to choose you, the thought of how to give the impression of direct and choosing a gift begins to torment long before the hour X. (As … Continue reading

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Dental Surgeons

We can evaluate anatomical parameters, such as available bone, relation between cortical the bone and trabeculado, degree of ssea mineralizao and degree of precision to locate vital anatomical structures. In 1962, the International Commission of Measures and Radiological Units the … Continue reading


Special Education

Being that the Abdias Menezes is polar region of the Special Education. The teacher takes care of the pupils deficient appearances in a room of support in the school of Application. At the moment five pupils exist. These pupils study … Continue reading



Everything that if moves in the universe, is life, lives that depend one on the others to arrive at its height. In this context to be professor is to go beyond the classroom and if to venture for an unknown … Continue reading


Childhood Development

The difficulty found for the human being comes of the primrdios, where the family and the education had not given its parcel of contribution to develop a being without this blockade. Leaving of these parameters the technique of inquiry with … Continue reading


Printer Picture

These had been applied by the facilitadoras. The gotten data had been recorded in filmadora VHS type, after that they had been transcribed in its minimum details, all the caught types of verbalizao in the citizens. This had the intention … Continue reading


National Advice

Whose this method of demonstrates efficient in the entailing and accompaniment of the flow of the users, thus facilitating the work of the professionals. (OLIVEIRA, 2007, p.30) Witt (1992, p 57) also cites in its study the context that makes … Continue reading


Twine Reading

The proposal appears so that this cultural form can be presented and recognized by the pupils in the basic education, any that is its intellectual level, having as plain of deep the rescue of the popular culture and its values. … Continue reading


ENEM Evaluation

With these data displayed in the paragraph above, he can yourself be inferred the following conclusions: the pupils do not participate of the meetings that precede the auto-evaluation; the pupils do not participate of the construction of the pointers and … Continue reading


Genetic Load

Although some of the characteristics occur with great frequency and are considered typical of the syndrome, it must be emphasized that it is about lesser factors and generally do not intervene with the functioning of the child become nor it … Continue reading