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With the objectives already tracings and the chosen white public we start to reflect on the interdisciplinaridade concept, since this is the main challenge of interventions; to make to be valid the objectives of this boarding. Using as reference, LUCK … Continue reading


The Chestnut

I am the wait! Elliot disconnect the call. He was paralyzed. Because ray is that it had on the Mary? Not even it wise person. Mary, contentssima, were to think. Because it is that Elliot had on it to it? … Continue reading


Control Of People And Its Security

The current times are times of unreliability, products and equipamentosesto always under the robbery threat, the people are citizens perigosmesmo in great cities where combastantes policemen exist police authorities, before a situation as this the deprodutos manufacturers continue the production … Continue reading


Brazilian Great Letter

Although the beginning of the ambient education it is foreseen in the constitutional text since 1988, its regulation was only effected eleven years after, through Law 9,795, of 1999, known as ' ' National politics of Ambiental&#039 Education; ' followed … Continue reading


Dual Systems

DSD accuses ex-partners ‘irresponsible market behavior’ remaining BDSD members not participate in voluntary commitment of the industry partners Cologne, November 19, 2009 – the German waste management industry has opened a new chapter in their never-ending story. Bundesverband dual systems … Continue reading

General ,

The Last

The conjuncts are the twigs of the tree, and the faith its root – the master clarified: The faith can exist without conjuncts, but conjunct without faith cannot exist. Therefore! God worked so that Moises. He practised the faith that … Continue reading


Hierarchy And Disciplines

Now, more than never, it is fashion to protest. Grupinho with bands in the hands does not import for which side one is going and there this goes or that citizen ' ' esclarecido' ' , as one was behind … Continue reading