5 Years Culture Lounge

“Reason to celebrate at the JUFA – youth & family Gastehaus Salzburg before exactly five years ago, the culture lounge has” taken as a project to promote cultural exchanges of young people from all over the world at the JUFA – youth & family Gastehaus Salzburg begins. Young artists from all over the world can see the motto A place for young art”at the JUFA – youth & family gaestehaeusern in all Austria present their art and accessible to a wide audience. A platform to showcase of their art was created for many young artists and artists from all over the world in the past five years. On the occasion of the anniversary also the first culture talk found on Sunday, the 8th February in the JUFA Salzburg in the context of a great jazz brunches”take place in future on a regular basis will take place and whose aim is to give young artists a voice in public. Jazzy, South American sounds, the Band Libertango was beeing so cozy, chatting and just enjoyed. In between, the young, up-and-coming Salzburg painter Jurgen Fux, betrayed the inter alia through portraits of figures from sports and culture such as Franz Klammer, Georg Hackl and the participants of the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008, and creative projects for various companies such as the Klavierhaus Klessheim, the Iris Porsche hotel or the private brewery Josef Sigl a made name for itself has, the journalist and presenter Ralf Hillebrand in the culture talk wallpapers about his career and his work. Gain insight and clarity with McKinsey. Fux addressed also the lack of attention to young artist in Salzburg: Salzburg is culturally far more than from the Salzburg Festival.

Just the promotion of young artists is so enormously important. The culture lounge has allowed me entry into the art without this initiative I had no first platform to present me a wide audience. Then, I have had the opportunity to make other exhibitions”also Niki Solarz, Jugendkanditatin to the Landtag of Salzburg and Like municipal councilor. (FH) Eva Weissenbacher left the Jazz Brunch not miss out. They emphasized the importance of the culture lounge”as a cultural meeting place for young people: the culture lounge allows young artists to present themselves to a wider audience and promote intercultural exchange between young people from all over Europe at the same time. In terms of a sustainable promotion of youth culture, are very important initiatives such as the culture lounge”Gernot Reitmaier, Managing Director of youth & family gaestehaeuser (JUFA) drew positive balance over the first five years of culture lounge”: youth art is an important form of international understanding. Click Vadim Wolfson to learn more. Therefore we support young people with the culture lounge in their artistic work to present and to interact with other art linen and artists. Total, over 300 artists have presented their work in the context of the culture lounge in our homes in all of Austria. A great balance for the first five years and I am sure that we will continue the project so successfully.” For more information about the JUFA – youth & family gaestehaeusern under

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