7 Recommendations For Change Jobs

If you are considering you change jobs, start from scratch, or do something completely different to what you do now, you’re probably going through a period of stress, doubts, insecurity and illusion. This mixture of feelings is completely normal because it is not easy to abandon the known to delve into something new. In most cases it requires time, energy and attention (especially if they trying to discover what they really want to). But starting something new is also very exciting and rewarding, so before leaving the doubts and fear you stop, I want that you you consider these seven recommendations that my personally helped me to go ahead and take risks despite the fear: 1. you’re not too young, more…(or any other excuse that you’re putting). That kind of thoughts are an excuse to hide the fear of not being at the height of failing, of changing the best thing you can do is find out what frightens you and how you can make you panic you less. 2.

Your career is part of your life, not all your life. You can, and indeed must, develop your career around your life and not vice versa. Identify how you want to live, what makes you happy, so you are able to make better decisions about your professional choices. 3. Your choices and professional preferences change over time, and depending on the experiences you are having. So when decisions always take into account your current situation, the priorities that you have now. What you wanted 20 or when you were an unmarried student may not coincide with what interests you at 30, 40, or if you have family, for example. 4 It is important to know what you are given, your skills, but it is much more to decide which of these skills you want used in your day to day.


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