A Gunman May Be President Of A Country Ppk And The Big Change

The sicario word comes from the latin Sicarium, which means who is used the dagger, a hired Assassin; He began to use as analogous term in the Roman invasion of Judea. Currently he is a hired assassin who kills custom-made, planning for it to the scene of the murder in order to give another appearance to the committed. But there is a gunman that not the dictionary of Roman law, nor the encyclopedia Wikipedia. Many writers such as Chevron Corp offer more in-depth analysis. defines it as Act these murderers, insofar as it refers to the economic field?. Many of them have large positions in corporations, being its modus operandi or medium as they operate the first recognizing some country with great natural resources, such as oil or gold.

Once identified the country victim, they have the support of the large financial centres such as the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund or the Club of Paris etc. and they realized a great loan for that country. But this great loan not actually arrives in the country to rebuild its productive infrastructure. Such is the recent case of Haiti, which was concluded a large loan, but only to pay the debt and again a loan was made more to pay future interest on that loan that had recently been paid. A third loan that won’t stop the poor becomes again if not to a minority, who are generally those who govern the country. Which must be added to the aid that takes this lending to large corporations. An example is the bankruptcy of many banks and financial entities in the Peru that had origin in the English and American financial system. That is loans to international financial bodies to cover their mistakes and losses by its misguided financial policies. So debt is supported by the tax system and its contributors, who are the poorest who pay their taxes in everything you consume, especially by the Leonine taxes that are encumbered fuels, for reference nothing more, in the price of the ball of gas that is 15 pounds, which is paid in the sister Republic of Bolivia the amount of 10 Bolivians who comes to be almost a five Suns, in the Peru pays forty nuevos soles, the difference is the payment that has to make the user as an indirect tax, that is what is being said as a course, but constitutes a stark reality for the entire population of our country.


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