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About affiliate programs written many books and articles, are given free and paid courses. But I want to emphasize that the affiliate programs – the best option for beginners in online business! You start work at once, with minimal investment, not thinking about creating your product and ensure its sales and delivery. All this makes the owner of the affiliate program, and we can only engage in advertising. We live in an imposed and driven into us head norms and principles. We complain about financial difficulties, but hopefully not for themselves but for a lot of circumstances and on the "good uncle" who appreciate our work. But in a society in which we live, this is – not really. We trying to break through the wall, behind which supposedly should be our well-being, and doing it constantly.

Why? We can not escape from slavery. And keeps us from laziness of mind, but that is what God created us "men" to work wisely, having their time to their advantage. Nietzsche said: "Those who can not have two-thirds of the day for himself, he should be called a slave …." The fact that now for you is quite important, determines the course of your life. That Now that you decide to do, create your future. And your current solution is determined that you will be in ten years. We address the fate of our own actions and our actions are determined decisions made by us. Solve – means doing the action.

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