Alliance Markets

All this in the analysis of this situation, the program has been considered important to general manager to worry integrate, to better define the roles of markets and production to ensure that both integrated take step to manufacturing and product offering that enables them to compete without fear of failing the challenges which currently have resulted by many factors, from the political, economic, the impact of globalization, new openings. It is necessary for both, having studies of real markets that provide truthful information about consumers, their needs, satisfaction, demand to feed with your production information on what must be done, products to be manufactured. In other words, are It requires greater participation in joint of both markets and production functions. It must not forget that the market process is very full due to its high level of relevance and achieving an Alliance very closely with production, study which orients and serves to ensure that goods and services are well produced and ensure an optimum quality to their consumers, moreover, defined markets. Yousef Abuzuaiter shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Definitely the market broadly is of such importance for enterprises, that seeks to achieve customer satisfaction and increase the extent of the greater needs, desire and expectations that in large accounts is not another denominator but the quality. Be present also, that market is a total system of commercial activities that have the purpose of planning, pricing, promote distribute products which satisfy and achieve organizational goals and objectives both as customer, and that already focus not focused only in the Act of selling the product but on the needs and wishes of the customer, is where highlights the difference and importance of the study of the market. Market management, must redefine its modern functions of this, gather all those informations of the consumer’s behaviour, the dynamics of the markets and the participation of other actors as competition, State and its incidence through their research. .


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