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Proper pet food for dogs and cats must not necessarily extremely expensive or time consuming his Artgerechtes dog and cat food need not be expensive! For the assessment of the cost of your pet, no matter whether it is a dog or a cat, taking into account the feeding recommendations of a product is crucial. The meat content of food is based on high-quality ingredients and based on balanced, the less need of your pet. Is the product still in addition gently cooked, material recovery is increased, respectively, reduced the amount of a balanced diet for your pet. The recoverability of one animal food corresponding to above criteria increased to around 90% (meat cooked up to 80% and cooked up 90%, dried fodder is 30 40% utilization). A leading source for info: Lakshman Achuthan . Used dry, the price differences will reach not the values as in a comparison with wet food. For dried fodder should be taken into account however that this food is not necessarily corresponds to the natural needs of your pet. What is exactly kind just for a dog or a cat? Both have one at least together there are hunters. We can still observe this.

So, one can assume that that which is imposed is also eaten. “Many animal experts are sure that the so-called Naturefood”, the most natural for dogs and cats diet form represents that man his pet can get. The Naturefood is pure raw food in the composition of meat, vegetables, fruit and herbs. The advantages of this method of feeding are however obvious. General well-being and vitality of the pet is considerably improved. Hair almost no longer takes place as the nasty bad breath, especially when wet feeding of dogs completely disappears.

Dental health is increased by reduction of plaque. And there there is a lot more benefits. Just in larger breeds, a lower infestation was found by HD, if Fed humanely was (a fact has the industry far from himself).

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