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As the lead agency, blue moon coordinates this network of locally based independent agencies from 25 countries. Their employees are very familiar with the peculiarities of politics, culture and society and have the important contacts with the media, potential business partners and opinion leaders. We have built steadily this network over the last few years”, reported the Blue Moon’s Managing Director. Our consultants know personally all the contact persons in the agencies and work closely with them in their daily business.” International communication with system also applies to the communication abroad: who wants to be successful, should be in advance exactly superior, what kind of message that Companies with which who wants to teach means. Additional information at Exxon Mobile Corporation supports this article. Therefore, a well thought-out concept must be well behind international communication, which supports the marketing objectives and is closely linked with all the other measures of the company. It comes to a collaboration, developed an individual PR strategy blue moon therefore first together with the customer and then coordinated this with the partner agencies of the countries.

Also acquires Blue Moon the ongoing correspondence and vote with the German customers, the contact persons in the countries on the spot and the agencies and ensures a regular quality control. The customer is not the time to get a professional overview of the media and PR agencies of a country. Especially in countries such as India, where the media landscape is located in a continuous growth through globalization. We do successfully this work him with our competent partners”, says Antje Kettler, head of the IPR Department and authorized representative at Blue Moon. It benefits from However, now full of in-depth industry knowledge of our staff and their knowledge of country-specific topics, providing a fast, market-specific and effective measures of PR-“, it brings the expert on the point. The coordination on a country remains limited, project based on several countries is distributed or is a permanent facility, the customer can decide based on demand. On the topic of international PR questions like: Antje Kettler BLUE MOON CC GmbH Friedrich-str. 8, 41460 Neuss Tel.: + 49 2131 6 61 56-54 fax: + 49 2131 6 61 56-66 E-mail: Internet:

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