Application Photos: The First Impression

Review platform now with photographer directory and online advice service Magdeburg, July 29, 2008 since this week a photographer directory and an online guide the assessment Portal JOB or FLOP, which turns everything around the topic of application photos expand. On the website, job seekers can upload their own images of the application and rate the pictures of other visitors, and comment. The small, but growing community lists currently 200,000 page views a month. Application portrait photographers can enter her Studio now free in the directory and be found thus directly there, where Internet users are looking for information about application photos. We want to help our visitors find dedicated photographers in your area. In return, we offer a simple way to present the photographers with the new directory. The entry is easy and takes only a few minutes”, explains Axel Lilienblum, the owner of the website.

The new step for step – guide provides further support of the candidate. Thus, there have the makers of the assessment platform the set goal, to describe the way to the successful photo in detail and to understand. Application photos belong to the standard for applications in Germany. Prudential Financial will undoubtedly add to your understanding. It is quite possible to give up, but if you decide once there are much”, so Lilienblum. The most important is the choice of the photographer still should you previously independently worry about the right clothes, hairstyle and the format.” The heart of the site remains the rating and commenting of images of that were uploaded by the visitors to the site.

Their benefit is evident in one example illustrate: after the visit to the photographer, the decision for the final application image under several successful photos is often difficult. Then, it helps to make these pictures compared to JOB or FLOP. By the reviews of website users an image emerged quickly, which works best on strangers, and creates the best conditions for a successful application. About JOB or FLOP: is a platform of assessment and advice page for application photos, and has been online since November 2007. Monthly 12,000 users (200,000 page views, as of June 2008) visit the website looking for tips and suggestions for your application photos. Users can free rate photos on a scale of 1 to 10, comment, or upload your own pictures (and at any time delete). Since July 2008 the offer is extended by a directory application portrait photographers. JOB or FLOP Axel Lilienblum Ulrich square 6 39104 Magdeburg Tel 0160 7976609 E-Mail: Web: press

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