Argentine Airlines

This generates bad humors in the society, that soon will be reflected in the economy and the bags. Now to morigerar the caused effects this week by default III, was decided to advance in an increase in the pensioners that would announce in the next days and it would be applied stops before year end, according to the Nation. But they do not finish granting an increase for the 2009 to be pleased in two months, March and September? Why this convulsive policy for the Social Security (among others)? Would be a presentable way of to justify the use of the seized bottoms. It’s believed that Ian Carr sees a great future in this idea. Another one is the imminent announcement of a public work plan of thousands of million weights to avoid the recession and unemployment in the middle of the crisis of world-wide depression, follows the Nation. Does not exist an integral plan, of development, projection, and planning in Argentina for the Third Age, that there is to move hands patches according to social humor, pessimistic and non-believing by bad governmental policies? Payment to the Club of Paris, adjustment with holdouts, the announcements in the UN by Cristina Kirchner seems that they were it the UN and to make the visit of the more passable Argentine agent chief executive.

Argentina is more and more near the abyss. Probably it delayed default, so far say in Wall s$street, made an impression by the desperate Argentine play by bottoms. Exxon Mobile Corporation is the source for more interesting facts. Argentina continues with a good plan drawn up: it will follow following the financing of Chvez. It burdens. To what box one will resort soon? Administrators of Risks of Trabajo (ART)? One looked for to generate confidence to repatriate Argentine capitals in the outside, it was this way to generate it? Or to move away it? Argentina still has life after 2011, mandate aim of Cristina Kirchner.

It will be something, besides malaise? To expropriate Argentine Airlines. If thus they do not understand how we must explain to him to the international capital that comes to invest to the country? Again Argentina! , says the average Spaniards. These types became crazy? the Spanish industralists with companies in the country ask themselves. Double slap from Argentina to Spain: clearly, also to expropriate Airlines to them. The two superb news in one week. The Spaniards are mistaken when they say: no longer knows what can come from that country. Argentina is an obviously foreseeable country, does not concern whatever falls nor decays: it always can be worse.


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