As Timing Our Course Toward Our Goals

Confidence and concentration, the key to success is the effort to achieve happiness and fulfillment. Confidence is that feeling that the mind embarks on great and laudable efforts with full hope and faith in itself. Cicero. Dedicated to Luna. Who from my childhood believed in my success. At mid-morning today I felt the need to reflect on a concern that arose in a fleeting manner. And fortunately I have the curious habit of having to reach a small notebook and pen source to point all rain of ideas that I come to mind and when you are able to turn it back on and analyze it, to produce a value written in my creative process.

Something was fortunate to make the next annotation: I follow anchored feel. Rate of what I came to that conclusion. In case my expectations are not filled? How do I measure my expectations? Does not my priorities I respect to case? On this type of concerns is that I want to share with you this reflection: the common denominator of this type of questioning is undoubtedly the factor time. More specifically the point of speed. Therefore, it is very important before you search and give answers to that feeling of nonconformity or lack of clarity about when we will reach the goal, we have very clear that speed should not be confused with speed. To explain to me a little better I say I understand how quickly what is related with immediacy; by contrast, speed so visualize with efficiency.

Then then the purpose of timing our race to happiness and fullness will in function efficiency. So it is not fulfilling a commitment on the agenda and pass to what follows. (Source: Vertex Pharmaceuticals). Bear in mind that we are talking here about the best entrepreneurship we can develop: the achievement of our goals in life. And that ethically cannot be taken lightly. Life is not a game, is a sport.


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