Atrapahogar Catch

Since the beginning of the month of September 2007 a new portal, ATRAPAHOGAR, works on the network with excellent results and a wide range of real estate that covers the whole national territory and which grows day by day. Because increasingly customers who use the Internet to rent and buy your property and the growth expectations are overwhelming, born ATRAPAHOGAR, an interactive portal, designed by a young and dynamic group of professionals in the computer world with extensive experience in the real estate sector. ATRAPAHOGAR, catch your IDEAL home, is presented as one of the most attractive market real estate portals since it creates with a very defined commercial objective, help builders, developers and real estate agencies to present your product on the network in the most attractive way possible and in a comfortable and easy way for the user. Specialists in second hand, new building, flats, houses, premises, farms, offices and with a well designed and attractive presentation where the real estate agents are the protagonists, ATRAPAHOGAR, offers to the professional tools practical and simple like the possibility to consult the news of the sector, mortgage rates, calculators, etc in ATRAPAHOGAR and from your professional profile also may know properties are visited more and that users have visited your properties, and of course you can get in touch with them to offer their services or you can also design your own magazine real estate in a fast and easy way. What represents a lowering of costs and a more dynamic magazine. also works with InmoArian (, one of the most complete real estate market of softwares and that today already manages more than 30,000 references. ATRAPAHOGAR, the real estate portal smart and funny.


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