Attract Sales

If you want to sell more, tell more stories. A good sales story stimulates the mind and encourages people to talk. If you are selling and people are not on the same page of what you say, it is almost impossible to move them to action. You have the stories to get people to recognize it and create the impact. The stories are more important than features or benefits, they help to emphasize points and create feelings. The combination of data and logic of the left side of the brain with emotional stories of the right brain is a powerful way to stimulate the mind and teaches things from a different perspective. The more often people forget the facts and details but find it easy to remember a good story.

What is sold is not only people they see as an idea, product or service, is how they see things that work for your benefit. The story introduces the people in their own minds, emotions and images. Although largely thought to be formed with logic, data and information, most of the decisions are made with the emotional right brain. President Ronald Reagan was a great storyteller and almost became the 70th president. He joked about him and his age which is again a potential problem to an advantage that the stories used, wit and humor: One of my favorite reviews of the age comes from Thomas Jefferson. He said we should never judge a president by his age, only for his work.


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