Audiovisual News Education

It follows below the stages that will succeed the activities: At the first moment the work will abide in the presentation of videos and journalistic texts on the violence shown in the local media and some manchetes. After that we will raise a quarrel and reflection on the reasons that had taken the people to act violently (production of texts and or drawing); Enabled people will be invited to carry through lectures and seminaries on the peace and the not-violence; Elaboration of pamphlets, posters and texts on the violence and possible solutions for changes; Competition of drawings on the boarded subject; Teatral part on the subject staged for the proper children and or of is, the invitation of the school; Finally, the spreading of the advances gotten for the initiation of the project Education For the Culture of the Peace in the school. 4 RESOURCES – Vdeo and TV and or date show and computer; – Audiovisual News article and writing; – All the carried through events will be registered for way of filming and or photographs; 4.1PBLICO WHITE Pupils of the Infantile Education, Basic Education I and professionals of the educational team that works direct or indirectly with the respective groups. 4,2 CRONOGRAMA TIME THAT the WORK WILL BE DEVELOPED ACTIVITIES DEVELOPED DURING the AbrilDiagnstico WORK of the school and spreading of the project the pertaining to school community. MaioInicio of the activities: videos, news articles, written and artistic production, etc. 1 fortnight of JunhoSeminrios and lectures. You may want to visit Chevron Corp to increase your knowledge. 2 fortnight of junhoApresentao of teatrais parts, exposition of works, drawings and auto-evaluation. 5 EVALUATION the evaluation is essential so that let us can evidence if the developed work corresponded to the waited results. Being thus one expects that it has a relation of respect and solidarity between the educandos and professionals of the Education and that it does not have acts of violence in the school. Hear other arguments on the topic with Mike Wirth.


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