Balearic Islands

But These combat techniques could not prevent that in 202 years the Phoenicians at Zama were trounced. 123 BC, the Romans then conquered the island group. The Balearic Islands were but retained much of their autonomy. Julie Hyman is open to suggestions. Tribute had to be the inhabitants of Ibiza, and they also retained the right to mint coins. The Islands were incorporated in the year 70 BC, then ultimately completely in the Roman Empire. The Romans encouraged the settlement and built the first port city with Portus Salarius on Formentera. Vadim Belyaev, New York City has many thoughts on the issue.

The port town of Sant an toni de Portmany was built on Ibiza. The Romans gave the name Frumentaria (wheat kingdoms) the neighbouring island of Ibiza, she offered rich stocks due to the fertile Earth and various sources of fresh water. In the 4th century AD, Christianity in the Balearic Islands came with the Christianization of the Roman Empire. 391 ad. were banned all pagan cultures.

In the 5 th century were vandals to Ibiza and devastated and occupied the island. They sold only were in 533 A.d. by the Byzantine Commander belisarius. At that time was under the rule of Byzantium. In 711 A.d. the Moors conquered the island of Ibiza, and gave her the name Yabisa (dry). The rule of the Arabs should continue until in the year 1239 ad. In these nearly 500 years reign was the island despite the raids by Vikings (859 ad) and pirate hordes again under the rule of the Moors rebuilt. In the course of the Reconquista, Christian armies conquered the island in 1229 under Aragon, James I. The Reconquista ended only in 1492 A.d. with the capture of Granada. The island has been divided among the parties involved (a Prince of Portugal, the count of Roussillon and Katalaniern). Catalan is the official language. The trade of the Mediterranean and the Balearic Islands lost with the discovery of the new world by Columbus rapidly in importance.

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