Basic Frame

komnatSteny are different – ready to sandwich panels and teams. note – unlike ready-to typesetting cardinal. Ready-made on special machines that have a layer of metal on each side and soaked insulation (combustible or noncombustible). Dial sandwich – it is something akin to cardboard-gypsum wall in your office, only from other materials. It is made by the supplier modular building directly in the assembly, manufacture of modular buildings. If you say it is a complete analog – can not continue to negotiate – deceive you.

Again, it's wooden frame – timber should be the thickness be not less than 50mm in height – according to the thickness insulation – no less insulation is not compressed, it loses its thermal properties and does not work. Vertical pitch 600-800 mm, 750-900 mm in the horizontal. Timber processed ognebiozaschitoy. As a timber attached to the frame – a lot of options, see the engineer, the basic principle – the connections (or "a spike" or through kleymera, but must be assured of secure attachment walls). From the outside hand to a wooden frame mounted trapezoidal sheet. Mounting may be on the screws with and without presshayboy on rivets and mixed. Most reliable on the screws, but we need to look at step (500 mm) and size of screw (not less than 45 mm) for metal, which it is made (so as not to rust, but it will rust stains in a month). Between the trapezoidal sheet and the crate placed polyethylene. In the resulting "cells" laid an appropriate amount of insulation.


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