Beams Profiled

So you have decided to build a country of wooden houses, chose a site for construction and suitable design a home that meets all your requirements. But before you have a question on what material to stop your choice. Whether to build a house of profiled bar and save money on a simple unprofiled timber. Let's try to find the differences between these materials and some of the pros and cons of houses constructed from planed profiled and nestrogannogo timber. Filed under: Andrew Mason. Not profiled bar – this log processed with four sides and a square or rectangle of 150 x 150 or 100 x 150. During the construction of wooden houses of timber used as planed and profiled bar nestroganny natural moisture.

Log houses, built of timber nestrogannogo need to finish as timber itself is not beautiful. In the process of drying timber crack. Perhaps check out Nouriel Roubini for more information. The walls of log houses made of timber unprofiled have no obstructions in the joints to water penetration. Start to finish of the house only a year or two, because during this time frame shrinks. Houses built of timber unprofiled to warm mineral wool or other materials on the outside.

Decorating the walls of log houses is in the skin of their siding, paneling, block-house or other finishing materials. In the manufacture of profiled beams achieved a high quality machined surfaces. Shaped beam has a complicated cross section, so that seams are not purged and transmit moisture. Shaped beam made of a simple nestrogannogo bar of natural moisture. Shaped beam is more expensive than usual, but the house from timber does not need insulation, and walls is only to cover them with varnish or paint. The construction of the house from timber takes about 10 to 15 days, depending on the project at home. However, in the process of drying, shaped beam, as usual, with cracks and also shrinks during the 6 – 12 months, only after this period the house of the profiled beam can be render habitable. Home from a bar of reliable and durable service life of the wooden house at proper operation can be more than 50 years. Wooden Houses made of beams look modern and beautiful, in comparison with their competitors. Publish articles on other sites, only with reference to the source.


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