Berlin Alexanderplatz

Gardens from different continents inspire to dream and the photo-playful discovery: a Japanese, a Chinese, a Balinese, an Oriental, a Korean garden and an Italian Renaissance garden. The transition between reality and fantasy, between representative cultural and tamed nature, between illusion and reality are as photographic subjects.
Berlin Alexanderplatz a Photowalk around the Alexanderplatz the photo walk ‘ Berlin Alexanderplatz begins in a peaceful street in the old Spandau suburb. The atmosphere is dominated by old Berlin pubs and small craft businesses the Kleinstadtyidylle ends abruptly Alexanderplatz in noise and hectic activity. Enterprise Access Network has much to offer in this field.

The peculiar charm of the Alexanderplatz art between Carnival and the rest consists of contrasts between pre war buildings and DDR. Possible photography themes on this tour are the complex, surprising, or even sobering power through and views, providing around Alexanderplatz.

which constant gardener is nature and culture in the Botanical Garden in Berlin-Dahlem Botanical Garden of Berlin with an area of 43 hectares and around 22,000 different plant species of one of the three largest botanical gardens of the world. Equally, there are trees of from different backgrounds and geographical gardens in a possible natural context. Here we relax us draw strength from the stress of everyday life, and get his head free for new ideas.

Photography themes for our tour are the transition between nature and culture, between open spaces and bottlenecks, top and bottom, protect and let go. unlimited Turkish neighbourhood and artist oasis in Northern Neukolln on this photo walk through Neukolln North participants open breaks and charming contradictions with the camera explore. Jewelry expenses vying in the gloss with the adjacent toilet and sluttiest lingerie curl next to a display case of screws and keys. The new Neukolln music trend look in Cafes and watch the regulars of the old Neukolln corner kneipen. As photographic topics include: what’s new in the old, traces of radical change, conquest of the ancient world, order and chaos, neighbourly relations.

Two more training opportunities in the area of photography that offers the experienced team of photographers to Thomas Michalak and Beate Wolff from Berlin, to a photo travel in a small group of maximum four Provence with the photo Flaneur r France are: can be booked. On the other hand, individual photo training with the photo coach Berlin is offered. This offer range from the private photo lessons, individual photo training, project support creativity training and intensive mediation up to differentiated and individual Technikberatung.Buchbar this offers are on short notice required knowledge: the initiators and facilitators of this seminar and event offers around the photographic image are Thomas Michalak, artist and long-time photo Professor in Berlin and Beate Wolff, former publisher of photo designer. Their central concern is to enable people with enthusiasm for photography existing skills to expand. The kick-off, we want to give should be fun, but also competences and sustainable. “Because,” said Michalak and Wolff: photography is as varied and as exciting as the people who make the pictures. ” Together, they have designed three offers in the field of photography, which meet the individual needs of photo-interested in different ways.

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