BMTC Services

ARTICLES recommended systems management fleets welcome the Minister of transport I Ashoka has unveiled its plans to add other 200 high-tech buses to the fleet BMTC. This, considering the increase in the number of passengers of public transport of 40 to 48 lakh lakh in recent times. There are also plans to extend the luxury bus services similar to rural areas. These services are very essential for the development of all peoples in Karnataka, he said. Elaborating on the transit system of buses of long wait fast (temporary) in the city, Ashoka, said the scope of the primera Junta of Hebbal silk output will take place shortly. He is estimated at 20 crore rupees, the city temporary will have buses that sail along the corridors free signal dedicated to buses. This line will be cheaper. Buses will be every two minutes at stations along the corridor, said Ashoka.


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