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The future fast-track course – from future knowledge to the market success faster and harder changes swirling all industries messed up successful business models today are seemingly overnight to the loss-making discontinued model. Successfully, only you will be, the trends, and opportunities. Trend Scouts and trend researchers move with forecasts and insights about what the future will bring. But how do you recognize its”trend? What developments can change the own business or new opportunities? This future tutorial shows how companies today can stand for customers and markets of tomorrow. The future was also better”said Karl Valentin and thus meets the current mood of many Germans. We live in turbulent times.

Globalization, demographic change and climate change are both a danger and an opportunity. The future question arises therefore in many industries more emphatically and pressing than ever. Only that will have a real chance, the Identify changes in good time and to adjust. The authors of Ralf deckers and Gerd Heinemann consider the topic “Trends and future” with a specific reference to the corporate practice. Helfendem readers with best practices to make future knowledge to market success. Because the mere recognition of trends and potential opportunities is not enough by far. Opportunities must also be used company regardless of size must position themselves accordingly and set the course for a profitable chances. This book is a future fast-track course, which in the main trends in customer behavior, marketing and sales introduces and shows how you can develop a rich picture of the future. The reader learns how marketing, sales, and customer behavior will change, how he can anticipate trends and opportunities, how he comes up with the right instruments through stormy times, as opportunities become profits, as it developed its own future strategy. how it developed its own future strategy.

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