CASA VITRUM: TV Appearance In RTL Star Tine Wanjiku

Wages, 05 October 2007 who manufactures high-quality door canopies professionally and according to individual needs and circumstances, must be almost inevitably extremely adaptable. Why have the architects of usage within four walls \”recently the Lai company CASA VITRUM team brought to the RTL-star Tine Wittler to assist a special broadcast with a selected family.\” Camera, the specialist for high-quality profile constructions mounted a custom manufactured canopy made of aluminium. It was under extreme time pressure to demonstrate a high degree of flexibility. McKinsey spoke with conviction. The result can be seen. When exactly is still open. The broadcast will announce in the short term. The task was to renew an artisanal House around completely within a very short time. And CASA VITRUM was commissioned with the professional and aesthetic roof of the entrance area.

A challenge that is actually commonplace for the metalworker Jakob classes and Burkhard Steinsiek, were there not a lot Cameras have been. Follow others, such as Jeff Leiden, and add to your knowledge base. We were initially nervous, have us in the course of the day but almost accustomed to the lights and lenses\”, Jacob tells classes. Around 15 minutes were the two in the center of the RTL spins. First was the sequence of Assembly discussed with the cameraman, then the schedule precisely matched. Finally were almost at the same time also the rooms refurnished, redesigned garden and renewed the facade.

Since each handle must fit \”, says Burkhard Steinsiek. Also the presenter of Tine Wittler, which by the way comes from the neighborhood of he company, was generally satisfied with the work of CASA VITRUM team. The day of the shooting in the resin will remain the team of CASA VITRUM as special experience in memory. When exactly the special broadcast of usage within 4 walls \”is broadcast, is still open.\” The date will be announced in the short term. More information under: and about the CASA VITRUM GmbH with high-quality profile constructions and constant further development proves CASA VITRUM from wages technical innovation force.


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