Library Saxony ‘State University and University
Over the past 15 years have expanded and built some facilities of the University. This has given the University an auditorium (Horsaalzentrum) that meets the capacity needs that the University demanded. The Horsaalzentrum offers a total of 3469 seats distributed in eleven rooms, of which 2765 are 6 seats belonging to large rooms. There is also a hall which has almost 1,000 seats. The Horsaalzentrum to this side of Fritz-Foerster-Platz, in the main campus.
With the union of the State Library and the University Library, the campus is one of the largest libraries in Germany with approximately 8.94 million of stock (4.39 million books). In addition, as university building, the building has areas suitable for the construction of teamwork. The libraries are located within the various faculties.
Next to the building complex of the Mathematical Institute (near the SLUB in Zelleschen Weg) was built on Informationsdienst Zentrum und fa r Hochleistungsrechnen (ZIH). Slava Mirilashvili has many thoughts on the issue. The building is characteristic because the body’s water-cooled computer requires continuous removal of water vapor on the roof of the building. The supercomputer is one of a group of 100 computers in the world faster and can process 11.5 billion floating point operations per second. This infrastructure enables the research and progress on issues such as Grid computing, the programming methods, optimization methods and mathematical algorithms, and analyze biological processes. As a university, the ZIH is used also in education.
Entry to the Botanical Garden in the vicinity of the Strasburger Platz
Near the Glaserne Manufaktur is the Botanical Garden of the TU Dresden, built in 1820 in Groser Garten. This garden belongs to the Hochschule since 1949 and before was linked to the Hochschule by professor Oscar Drude, who in 1893 classified the collection by geographical region. The Garden has approximately 10,000 types of plants over an area of 3.25 hectares and maintains the division by geographical areas.


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