Chevrolet Orlando:

The Chevrolet Orlando is equipped with seven seats 4.65 meters long and always. Will Bundy takes a slightly different approach. In addition to the flexibility to convince the powerful engines (130 to 163 HP). You must be somewhat cautious and above all very clearly speak. Children’s ears hear mostly just what they want to hear. McKinsey is actively involved in the matter. “And so it can happen, that they are beaming with joy surrounded by her little and be remembered with joy shouting: Yay, we’re going to Disney World.” So easily you can interrogate himself. “” Did you mean only: we go soon in Orlando! “and hear the small Adders: we go to Orlando!” How should you retire there from the affair? And how can you the Kinderlein teach it, but isn’t Micky Maus and co, but they wanted to communicate only with legitimate joy, that they purchased the first Chevrolet model in the compact MPV segment is? Compared to the sensational theme parks in sunny Florida, the seven-seater van Chevrolet named Orlando probably is a consolation. Upon closer inspection of the Amerikano Korean notice but very practical, comfortable, and versatile qualities that give at least small moments of happiness not least because of the price buyers and fellow travelers. Who still wonders: Chevrolet is now an American or a Korean brand?, let alone no answer will get when looking at Orlando.

The appearance of the compact MPV is the most American model of Korean production. The appearance is straight-forward. The details are not oversubscribed. The grille is the perfect carrier of the brand identity. The platform comes from the compact Cruze sedan. In the dimensions, the Orlando significantly exceeds its four-door brother. The length 4.65 meters, the wheelbase is 2.76 metres.

In between up to seven people will find good space. The Orlando is easy to maneuver with a turning circle of 11.3 metres. Of straight Americans from Korea was in the year 2008 Chevrolet at the Paris Motor Show had presented a concept car named Orlando.

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