Chronic Lives

Today I want to comment on the film the chronicles of Narnia the Lion the Witch was making research and I discovered that today he is anniversary of the actress Anna Katherine Popplewell (been born in 16 of December of 1988) is an English actress. It more is known by its paper as Susan Pevensie in the Chronicles of Nrnia series of films since 2005. 1 if you do not remember the film that also is book subjects easily follows sinipse joined in search mechanism as google: Synopsis: The adventure starts during World War II, when Peter, Lucy, Edmund and Susan are obliged to leave London and to install themselves in a small city in England, in the house of a professor they will solteiro. While they explore the mansion, Lucy discovers very special a private ticket in the keep-facts of the old professor, who of the access to a mysterious world the youngest, curious and innocent Lucy qualities these that if sobresaem in our infancy knew a being half physically man animal half Mr. Tominus. You never knew somebody as it who all fights the time against the good and badly that he exists inside of itself the light and the darknesses and Edmund the typical brother of the way cannot be mimado as the youngest it not and data the responsibility of oldest and it knows the Queen White lightly angelical appearance, voice candy and followed of a superior authority in the truth she is a liar, dominadora, arrogant, greedy and evil creature, typical defects of the human beings that if judge superiors.

Edmundo is fisgado by the desire of being somebody important thing as a king its heart and has lain had been touched on account of its difficulty to accept as the things are and the events dificies occur our life so that we creamos and let us become in them better. Peter and Susan discover that its Lucy sister did not enloqueceu when they know Narnia yes is difficult to believe when its innocence and stolen by the adolencia and the still animal separation of who we love and the war and they say who the same ones are part of a prophecy the children of Adam and the children of Eva will fight against the queen who represents the evil and the destruction of all a nation and will go to take advantage and the moral of History yes the film shows to typical human defects and our difficulties in believing what our eyes do not veem faith, love, courage to develop its character and abilities and is clearly the biggest example of nobility that already exstiu in the humanity in my opinion a considered being strongest, courageous the king of the necessary forest of full human beings of defects to win the evil, is capable to open hand of its proper life in favor of what it believes the peace, given example already in the Bible for Jesus who according to gave to sacred Holy Writs its proper life for love the humanity and resucitou proving that only love can win the death wants well example bigger of flme politically correct plus everything this turned a great success well I recommends eats analyzes life staff since I believe as many that films and books are the translation in images and letters of our life.


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