City Of Orange

City of Orange occupied territory of the modern village of Tripoli, where not so long ago, had traces of the so-called culture, which remains All the same State Angouleme. The boundaries of Angouleme before the Deluge approximately corresponded to the future borders of Kievan Rus' and in the east reached the point where now runs the Volga River. That is why the ancient Volga River bore the name of Ra, the same as the ruling dynasty of the state Angouleme – Ra, who founded and Michael, calling it in honor of Civilization Paradise. In this case, the dynasty of the ra acts as a mother of the kingdom of heaven, brought in later in the Russian language is the word as an "edge" that has a secondary meaning – "the kingdom". Lucifer was very proud of both their achievements and noble origin (from the consciousness of the Soul of the Sun God), and acquired knowledge, and always envied the fact that the King of Angouleme was Michael and not him. In their dreams, not just seen Lucifer himself in his place, but I understood that without the permission of the Overmind (God) to become the king of angels is impossible. Therefore, once there were the first people – Adam and Eve – a defiant Lucifer matured plan and its implementation, he decided to seduce the wife of Adam, Eve. Eve could not resist the pressure of the fiery cherubim, and was seduced by Lucifer. Of their relationship was born the son of Cain, who actually never was a son of Adam.


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