Colombian State

Below some practical cases the day of the community manager. Jessica Judex (2010) the Agency UM (Colombia), for example, CITES were doing for Valentine one the most voted couple photo contest on Facebook, however, the community manager in time detected that the profiles of the contestants who were gaining were false and he proceeded to remove them. On another occasion, a user had been winner of a prize awarded by a brand of beverage, however did not receive it because stocks had been exhausted. Disgruntled user reported via Twitter what happened, the community responsible brand manager has detected your complaint and rewarded it. Pamela Torres (2010), a member of a team of community manager of a Mexican low-cost airline, said the pleasant experience in the realization of a contest at national level type reality show on social networks. This consisted in doing follow-up to the experiences of the participants, publish your photos and your videos as a daily report and go to guide them during the week that lasted for the contest, all in real time. Paulo Cepeda (2010), a Colombian journalist, said his bad experience which occurred with the official account on Twitter of the Interior of a Department (political-administrative unit of the Colombian State).

The journalist sent through that platform, an inquiry investigating the response issued by the community manager of the account, on measures taken by the Government with regard to the threats he had received another journalist in the region, however, accused him of attacking in order to get more followers, be a loser (loser in English) and give disgust. The tweet was later deleted and offered apologies accusing that it was a sabotage to the official account of the entity on Twitter. To date, there is a manual or ethics code of ethics set forth as such that adjust the good and bad praxis of the community manager, however, Spain has been working on this topic.


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