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Currently the paper of the RH already is innovating, is not being only to select and to enlist its professionals and yes, to recognize the merit and the human talent being developed new professionals and to take care of of the well biggest one whom the company consists: the human beings. To create an environment where all to the areas can be felt motivated, satisfied well and engaged it is not a far from easy task, but it fits the company to offer what it has of better it welfare of that of it they are part, promoting ways and environments so that all feel in true a organizacional environment, transparent and friendly. We know that the Human being is perpetual unsatisfied, therefore we are evolved beings and we want and always we search in all the aspects optimum, growing and improving at every moment, the company fits to search to adjust the best forms and procedures to always become optimum for its collaborators. V.A Maslow MOTIVATION in offers some codes to them in the scope of the motivation. To motivate the people who we have ours around we must in accordance with search the necessities individual of each one, and thus try to facilitate the achievement of the superior step immediately.

In a general way nor all the people if carry through as the pyramid of Maslow, following necessities for necessities, as well as some are worried about the physiological necessities, others with auto-esteem, and so on. Herzberg, as starting point, compared with the classic theory of Maslow, but as Aldefer, also disagreed with some points of the theory of the necessities, Herzberg if supports to the motivation in the external environment and the work of the man and not in the necessities human beings. It defends that motivation depends on the work in the generality, and of the recognition/proportionate incentive for the company, that is not all the reconhecimentos and incentives that the company provides that she goes to be generating the satisfaction, but yes does not prevent the not-satisfaction.


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