In this model if it has a more necessary daily pay-definition of the oramentao, if it obtains esteem the involved 0 variable and costs. The agile model has as main characteristic flexibility and constant ainterao between the customer and the desenvolvedor, what it results more in a personalized final work, more in function of the will of the customer and identifying itself with the customer. Pra who works with projects of great transport stops rigid institutions and with bigger control and responsibility are desirable that if it uses the classic model. It guarantees more trustworthiness to the project as a whole. However when it is needed a solution in short term, simpler and objective applications the agile model can be used therefore would take in them in a simpler way to the obsetivo. Examples of some models of software process that can still be cidados: – Models life cycle? – Iterative and incremental Development? – Evolucional or Prototipao? – Spiral? – Componentizado? – Formal? – RAD? – Fourth generation 3 – Conclusion What it is necessary when has the intention to take care of to the customer and to have effectiveness in the accomplishment of projects in engineering of Software is that it must be analizar the scene and be planned as well as acting in each situation. Carrying through this planning and acting with responsibility one has good results. . .


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