Concrete Vermiculite

Thermal conductivity of some materials Exfoliated vermiculite 0.04 – 0.062 W / mK Basalt canvas 0.04 – 0.062 W / mK expanded clay gravel 0.12 W / mK asbestos-cement slab 0,13 W / mK Foam 0 14 – 0.18 W / mK Brick pustotelny Brick polnotelny> 0.6 W / mK Brick 0.8 W / mK Concrete 1.45 W / mK Reinforced 1.6 W / mK vermiculite filling in wall constructions are used to protect buildings from overheating and cooling, refrigeration insulation cameras, domes ovens, sound isolation chambers for testing aircraft and automobile engines, for sound absorption in cinemas and film studios, etc. Along with vermiculite filling, construction effectively applied dry mixes and mortars, which is filled vermiculite. Compared with conventional (sand) mortar vermiculite solutions due to the high porosity are 2-4 times smaller volume and weight are 4-6 times lower thermal conductivity and belong to the light ("warm") solutions. A layer of "warm" cement-vermiculite plaster 2.5 cm thick layer of a substitute for cement-sand solution in a 10-15cm. When the thickness of the cement-vermiculite plaster layer up to 3 cm thick brick wall can be reduced by 25%.

The application of cement-vermiculite mortar on brick walls allows for economies of brick of 0.25 cubic meters per 1 cubic meter of masonry, with a sound absorption coefficient of vermiculite plaster is 0.15-0.3, and ordinary sand plaster it is 0,015-0,02. From this it follows that the use of "warm" plaster for facing surfaces of the walls can provide significant economic benefits by reducing the thickness of the wall. Vermiculite plasters are used for interior and exterior building structures, and can perform, in addition to the increased thermal protection and sound absorbing features – fire protection, decorative and other nuisances are on a design standard for plastering methods. The optimum composition of mixed solutions with vermiculite clay or lime as plasticizers are fine compositions 1:2:6 – 1:3:8 (by volume – Cement: clay (lime): vermiculite).

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