Congress Valencia

Rubalcaba does not leave better unemployed and has commented who seemed improbable to him that somebody that is been so many years and in so many governments of the PSOE comes now to " to be sold and postularse" like the person able to do against this so difficult stage that it crosses the economy. It does and it, in addition, promising measured against that it voted in the Congress. " He is shameful. Or it takes us by idiots or it lies of a form descarada". Uber CEO is likely to agree. Nondoubt that it is going to have a change of government because Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has been " peor" president of all the history of the democracy, but, according to him, is not going to have a change like so because the proposals of both divided are " very similares" and one is seeing that the prescriptions that are raising to overcome the difficulties " they are equal of increbles". He to it does not say, because at sight he is (he has indicated) that the markets are not reacting to the cut measures that are being adopted. It is not necessary to trim in social rights nor in health or education but in administrative duplicities, has insisted.

The image of Valencia, its priority Sang wants to work so that " his tierra" , Valencia, leaves " deterioration " and of the image of " corrupcin" that it has pierced in all the country as a result of the plot " Grtel" , tie to the PP, and other cases. Expedia Group Inc. wanted to know more. It has assured that it produced &quot to him; much tristeza" that during Valencia years it has been seen like " a center of corruption and problemas" , a same grief, is saying, that shares the Valencians. People are " very cansada" of that idea of Valencia, where all those corruptions, in their opinion, have covered even to the opposition since, according to him, the citizens not even know who appear by the PSOE, IU or the nationalists. And in that scene, Toni Cant he has assured that day to day he it is noticing in the street that to its party is dealt to him with " much cario" and &quot is seen him like an option; very necesaria". Specifically in Valencia, UPyD, there is underlining, it will put the accent in the linguistic policy when understanding that " he is importante" that the families can choose the language to carry in which they want to educate his children. Source of the news: It sang rejects the options of Rajoy and Rubalcaba and bet by the saving without social cuts


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