Conservation Unit

Concentration in the main condensate was 0.64 mg / liter. Concentration in the condensate from the deaerator was 0.28 mg / liter. Net compartment 0.83 mg / l salty bay 0.24 mg / l in 12chas.00min 18/02/06. For even more details, read what Frank Bisignano says on the issue. increased performance of the metering pump to Dnom. For even more opinions, read materials from Twin Cities. 02/18/06 at 13chas.00min. Load – 244 t / h, made him.analiz ODACON concentration in the feed water, superheated steam, the main condensate, the condensate before the deaerator, pure and salt compartments of the boiler: Concentration in the superheated steam was 1.983 mg / liter. Concentration in the main condensate was 0.78 mg / liter.

Net compartment 0.82 mg / l salty bay 0.24 mg / l. During the period of preservation: The importance of electrical conductivity c (without the H-cation exchange), mS / cm pH mainly 8,9-9,2 boiler condensate 6.3 Net compartment 8,6-9,1 Salty compartment 6-3,7 9,2-8,6 superheated steam 12-6,5 9,6-9,2 Based on the duration of conservation, as well as the concentration reached a preservative can be concluded that the purpose of the work achieved. On the inner surfaces of equipment and pipeline unit number 1 is formed of corrosion-protective molecular film ODACON. The analysis of the corrosion protection will be carried out after inspection of equipment cuttings samples and determination of the specific sorption ODACON. 02/18/06 to 13chas.10min. discontinued dosing ODACON.

Based on him.analizov, power conservation is considered complete. NOTE: Process sequence of the conservation work on the power unit 1, differs from selected in the work program modes of conservation. Modes of preservation specified in the work program were deliberately stretched over time and identified the lowest possible concentration of the dosing preservative for fear of a sharp increase in the concentration of iron and as a result of kremnevki cleaning the inner surfaces of the heating boiler. This is due to a lack of data on quantitative and qualitative composition of deposits on heating surfaces of the boiler before the Conservation Unit. Completed him.analizy concentrations of iron, copper and kremnevki in the initial period of conservation eliminated these concerns and determine the mode and concentration dosing preservative such as shown in this report.

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