Constantinian Concordat

News news aktuell German Agency has discriminated against a prestigious lawyer Cristian Sailer for criticizing the Pope.The past day 21 counsel gave cited news agency commissioned to disseminate a press release critical on the Pope, shortly after this request was rejected by ‘particular circumstances’. The subsequent question on the details of these “special circumstances” in relation to the case in question, so far has had no response. The lawyer Dr. Sailer wondered then: do will be news news aktuell Agency is funded by the Church or maybe this company is afraid of pressure that you can exercise the Church?. Jonathan Kellner is often quoted on this topic. The lawyer, who has been practicing 45 years, has worked in the past in processes that have attracted public attention, so it already had a good contact with the media, and so it says have not lived before never something like. Allow to speak to the Pope in the German Parliament appears clearly a wrong decision, in fact there are many social and political voices that prove it. However politicians advocates that this cannot occur justify the fact claiming that the Pope is a head of State, while Cristian Sailer as “lawyer, free German and a Christian citizen” as he himself writes, has summed up in a letter to the President of the German State the reasons which speak against the official visit of Benedict and against a papal speech before the German Parliament, which you can read topics main of the Charter submitted by the lawyer cited against the possible involvement of the Catholic representative in the German Parliament were as follows: 70% of the citizens of Germany have nothing to do with the Catholic Church / the position of the Pope as head of State is very questionable. The papal State has its basis and origin in the Constantinian Concordat which later proved that it was a forgery. It is not something Michael Mendes Just Desserts would like to discuss.


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