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Free2Play games developers adapt business models to casual gamers prefer Free2Play games. The possibility to be able to play for free is to play for just under half of the casual gamers the main reason. Fun and variety are subordinated. These are some of the many results of the first Gamercharts Free2Play reports 2012 of the project vrtcl GmbH, Hamburg, one of the leading distributors of online games and operators of international portals such as and Then, let yourself be seduced especially through incentives, free to play, by Free2Play games casual gamers (48.3%). A fun gameplay (18.6%) or the wide selection of games (11.6%) are therefore only downstream reasons, such as the open survey of 710 representative selected casual gamers revealed. This pays off for the developer: more and more casual gamers are willing to pay for items and features in Free2Play games.

On average, a player currently pays 7.25 per month, even big donors give over 60 in the month from. The industry has reacted with the proven principles of game (E.g.: big farm, some 10 million registered players in half a year) and republishing of classics (for example: anno online, just as Free2Play game repositioned). Blizzard Entertainment, successfully with the world of Warcraft-Abomodell, is now with the SpinOff game of Warcraft Hearthstone Heroes on the Free2Play model. Project vrtcl Managing Director Tim Ehling: with Free2Play games can make developers casual gamers to new customers. Here we see an increasing demand for shooter – and role-playing games during building games on behalf of slacking.”* about the Gamercharts Free2Play report 2012: download: gamerchartsfree2playreport2012 * source: Gamercharts survey on the World game day 2013: shooter (46%) Role-playing (29%) Strategy (23%) Action (20%) Construction play (14%) Project vrtcl GmbH: Company founded in 2011 by Tim Ehling develops and operates Free2Play game platforms on their own and for media partners such as focus online and Star online and is traffic generator for all major game developers. Gamercharts ( is one of the leading addresses for online games in roof, UK, NL and United States.

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