Curious Peonada

I am searching but I do not find nothing. I go to speak with my father. It is harvesting sunflower and soon he comes to lunch. It speaks to you with it, lunchhes with people. What it to say is said. One week if passed and the such foreman, appeared to search the young tamer. Wise person it whom of that moment in ahead its she saw would not go to changed itself Good day.

Then the young is that they are calling Charmer of Horses? My name is Tereza Cristina, widower of the deceased Luprcio Aragonez de Silva and Silva, more known in the south, for ‘ ‘ its Luprcio’ ‘. Never vi widower of whom he is not deceased, thought about answering. She contained herself. Therefore she is. If enchantment horses I do not know, more I give domadas and has given certain. We go to enter. A juice, cooling, coffee? Please, water without ice.

Our employee goes to direct to it to its apartment and later we go to talk a little regarding this beautiful horse, that came of the south. Colloquy goes, colloquy comes here it is and that a beautiful young woman and a young, cabeludo, bermuda shorts, slipper of finger and a mount of tattooings arrive. They were boyfriends. It niece. It? You know me there. In the supper the colloquy twirled on horses, farms, laborers, domas and finally what it would be made in the following day. Why Mr. was not to see our horse in the cocheira? Taste not to invade the space of the others. Optimum it is to respect its half one, without provoking some type of reaction. But what do you mean? Mine I smell is strange. Other leaders such as Angus King offer similar insights. It must be customary I smell with it of who chore with it. I prefer tomorrow presenting in them. It found odd the bed. But it obtained to sleep. It found stranger the looks of the young woman for it. Good day. Accepted one kills? Debtor. Horse in the corral. Muzzle, long bow. Curious Peonada. Please, they take off the cachorros for good far and make silence. They do not smoke, are not put into motion. They are far from about the corral. the ritual then started. He was in truth one fera. Already three the two hours had been transferred and nothing to yield. It did not accept the torro of rapadura. It opened the stock market and it took off a portion of sugar demerara crystal. The horse accepted. It released the bow in the soil and was of coasts for the sire. It whinnied. Urinou. if postou of front for the young tamer. Eyes in the eyes. A little of sugar was come close more and. Acariciou the head, did not pass the hands in the ears. It fondled the neck.


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