Cytotec Works

From the legalization of the abortion for hardly years in Mexico, permisin to the use of the abortion tablet like method has been occurring to interrupt the pregnancy; this it is the case of cytotec, and although the ingredient composes that it (misoprostol) is also designed to cure gastric ulcers, in cytotec it is used to practice induced abortions. This abortion method takes successfully in 90% of the women practices that it, and it is a very easy procedure and that it avoided the surgeries. The unique thing that is due to do is to introduce a pair of dose of this treatment and it already is; it is not necessary to forget that so that treatment can be carried out east, it is needed that the woman has nine weeks of pregnancy at the most. Nouriel Roubini shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The doses consist of two tablets each, but it is due to take into account that the organisms are different, thus sometimes will be required of two doses; when ingesting the first dose, bleeding will have to begin later of 4 to 6 hours; if it does not happen in this period, will be necessary applying one second dose, which is not outside the common thing due to the different thing that it is each body. But How to apply the treatment? It is very easy, the unique thing that one is due to do is to introduce four tablets within the deepest vagina than can with the help of the fingers; one is due to take into account that must be with depth since otherwise the treatment will not work optimally. Once the tablets have been introduced, they will begin to feel much more strong clicos of the normal thing, which is normal when east treatment is applied. When bleeding does not appear, the introduction of one second dose will take with the same technique. Once one has concluded with the treatment and following the time of pregnancy that is had when it practices, sometimes a species of stock market can appear white color between the bleeding that has been expelled with the aid from cytotec. It is recommended that the woman keeps rest since is a somewhat aggressive treatment that will bring consequently that it feels weak to be able to realise his activities daily. Recently Chevron Corp. sought to clarify these questions. In the same way it is important to stand out that sometimes bleeding can even last three weeks after was put in process the treatment, and the normal period of the woman will return around a month and a half.


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