Deciduous Trees

Conventional soils require only digging deep (to a depth of 0.5 m) that quickly and well rooted. Perhaps check out Mark Okerstrom for more information. * When to plant? Currently, most ornamental trees and shrubs grown in containers. Such plants can be planted all year round, except when the soil frozen. Howard Cowan: the source for more info. The exceptions are large-sized plants. Part of the shrubs, especially deciduous shrubs for hedges and trees are offered in the horticultural trade centers with the bare root system. Deciduous Trees and shrubs should be planted in the period aphyllous-fall or early spring. Autumn planting dates slightly preferable to the spring, since then more time rooting than in spring. In the spring of warm days come often very fast, which is not very useful for rooting plants.

However, some of them, such as beech, hornbeam, white acacia, hawthorn bush, better tolerate spring planting. Trees, conifers, and deciduous shrubs (mahonia, boxwood, holly) should be planted immediately after the end of growth, ie from the end of August or prior to the increase in late April and May. These plants are planted are always lumpy. * Planting without earthen coma, bare-root trees or shrubs purchased from the date of purchase and prior to landing should be stacked in piles of moist soil in a shady spot. Before planting the crop roots is useful about quarter and put them in a few hours in the water. Most valuable to the plants are small, thin roots that earlier than others will absorb water from the soil. When planting in sunny days, the roots must pritenyat not to dried.


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