Design Phase Building

Already before the actual start of layout planning meaningful are simple design with professional results that claims the principal increase, and graphically appealing design documents are expected, which vividly convey the first design ideas by a three-dimensional representation. However, many planners shy high labor, time and costs associated with the creation of persuasive design and presentation documents. In addition, that the classic CAD systems for a three-dimensional sketch and a fast modeling are usually not suitable. New and fast SketchUp Pro 8 with the design and visualization software Google SketchUp Pro in the current version 8 offers Neustadter SOFTTECH software company, manufacturer of integrated software solutions, an ideal concept and design tool. A cheap and easy-to-learn software for an efficient modeling and vivid presentation of creative ideas in the field of architecture and design at minimal time with professional and impressive results. The in over 30 Countries used SketchUp distinguished by a clear user interface, many useful tools, and a quick introduction to the program, so impressive visualizations can be created also by beginners in a matter of minutes and that both the architecture and urban planning.

A simple and fast solution, the new version of SketchUp allows the user now an even speedier work in virtual space. Not only many modeling operations have been enhanced and accelerated, SketchUp Pro 8 is fully integrated into everyday planning and opens completely new possibilities in communication with the clients, authorities and other concerned as well as in marketing. The advanced tool LayOut makes SketchUp a full-fledged tool, extensive layouts can be designed with the in addition to visualizations, from which convincing presentation documents, as well as sale exposes. Communication talent a new form of communication is the binding of the finished designs or Models in the virtual world by Google. Google Earth and also the new Google Streetview are involved through special functions directly in SketchUp Pro, so that there is only a few steps to the finished model in the real environment”to include.


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