And if you who is being threatened, then you need to return the threat, but in real life. Another point – these letters try to incorporate an element of dependency, the manipulative, the thus a man trying to take his head the divine gift – the freedom of choice. It's also a negative manifestation kotrmu can not go on about it. In the end, you get yourself under someone else's manipulation, so much so that they themselves do not notice. You write that you have just broke the chain and is now suffering from.

You do not suffer because of this, but for other reasons. In recent months, Lakshman Achuthan has been very successful. Millions of people have written similar letters are unhappy and vice versa, millions of lucky people did not write. The reasons are sitting deeper and no letters in the world are unable to influence the fate of persistent? man – they do not have enough energy.? But if you step by step: writing today, tomorrow, vodka, the next day what else artificially, and all for different reasons: fear, greed, arrogance, laziness. Drop the stone wears away. You look and disappeared persons.

So my advice letter to the furnace. Let them turn into fire, not in drops, which sharpen our psyche. With regard to protection from witchcraft, corruption, evil eye, etc. I thought that it may be advisable for people far removed from religion in general, demonology and angelology in particular, and with everything that is associated with spiritual energies. And took a difficult decision. At the bottom is given by prayer – prayer Detentions.

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