Dog Training

In this article we will describe how to educate to a puppy of dog in important moral convention of not soiling within the house, that is to say, teaching to him to go correctly bathroom. First that nothing we must have patience since concerning a puppy it will take us enough to obtain that one behaves as we want. First is to prepare him place, can to be outside house and is recommendable, if we did not count on a patio or a place in the open that can serve to him as bath, would be better we outside remove than it at those moments, or that we find an appropriate corner him in a well ventilated suitable room and. During the first days in house it is when we will have to know how to educate a dog puppy from the beginning, that is to say, since the bad habits will cost to remove to us soon to him. We will need a jaulita or corralito to have it ours close while we are in house.

We will not let to him even walk freely by the house. We will remove it from the jaulita to take it to its bath every 1 hour, we will leave him of returns by that place during 10 minutes, we bring soon it of new, we can take raising it or to leave walks, but that of many returns by the house or it could not soil there. If it goes correctly bathroom in to its we will congratulate it place with affectionate voice and we will play a little while with him. In this way we will obtain that it is accustomed, during the night we will have to take it a pair of times, since a puppy is physiologically impossible to retain during all night. When we are not in house we will have to leave to which it takes care of of our puppy and it continues with the training, that would be the ideal, nevertheless we can resort to other techniques like the one of the periodic paper, to prepare a room of ” on approval; accidentes” , but the recommendable thing is not to cut the training, if we have a house with patio, when leaving we will leave access him to its bath. The process in this stage of the knowledge how to educate a dog puppy, it could take several weeks us to accustom to pequen. We remember that its true time to learn begins when already has turned at least the three months of age. Beam click to learn here as I could to train dog without having to leave my house in only short weeks.

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