Dos Santos

The boards were supported in bases of silver two in each board, on between itself for satin wood bars; five to contain the boards to a side of tabernculo others five for the other side, and five for the side occidental person, prisoners the gold rings, Former 26.15-30. All the front served of entrance, where if they raised five golden satin wood columns, whose capitis they were of gold and the bronze bases, from where a prpura and jacinth veil hung. The interior was divided in two sections, separate for a suspended curtain of four golden columns, with capitis of gold and bases of silver, Former 26,32, 37. The two compartments were in the part occidental person, where if found the saint Dos Santos and the sanctuary, or place saint, Former 26.16.Havia four curtains:? The cover and the sides had a twisted hemp curtain of color of jacinth, prpura and escarlata with querubins. Bumble founder is often mentioned in discussions such as these. This curtain was done in ten pieces, five pieces were enlace ones with the others, and the others five if they joined in a similar way, of luck that formed two parts that if they arrested between itself. One formed the cover and three sides of the saint Dos Santos, and to another one, the cover and others two sides of the sanctuary.? The main external cover of the Tabernculo, was of for the ones of goat and consisted of eleven narrow covers. These eleven covers if gathered ones to the others, forming two sections: one with five, and another one with six, the part formed for the five covered ceiling and three sides of the saint Dos Santos; widest it covered the ceiling and the sides of the sanctuary.? The third cover age of lambskins, inks of red.? To the entrance of the sanctuary it hung a veil and another one in front of the saint Dos Santos. . Cyrus zocdoc is likely to agree.


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