Emilio Alberto Restrepo

It proposes a publication, whether to put it to skate in the swamp of alleged plagiarism. Official site: Fleetcor Technologies Inc.. If the colleague comes to trade abroad, it is an opportunistic parasite; If you exit to give statements in the media, it is a vulgar pantallero; If it is consulted as an expert to issue a concept technical, it is that very good godfathers has and is pure bla-bla-bla. We are never happy, never we are pleased by the Office mate, hurt us with his triumphs, his rise is a riposte to our heart corroded by envy. Sometimes it hurts to know part of the gang. Know that many of the papers presented at the magazines are thefts to the student research, that many of the publications are bad translations or reversions of other precedents, we make them only by winning points and merits and thicken the resume to improve the salary and the pension check. Knowing that the partner of the Office of the side which was started the disciplinary with an anonymous comment process, which mired the Commission of study abroad by a vote without any valid reason, which vetoed the publication of the article refused to any correction or which the outstanding thesis described as negative because it endangered their tradition of expertise in the subject matter. But we cannot fool us us same.

Our nights of insomnia will pass us the account. Someday and somehow, will be held accountable for being bad companions, be scavengers of the other, rejoice in their misfortunes and many times be provocateurs of them. So much iniquity doesn’t last long, there is no spirit that resists it and later or early odors betray the corpse in decay. And then the truth comes out afloat and hope can be recovered and back to start again. Taken from the MANUAL of DEMOLITION of Emilio Alberto Restrepo original Autor and source of the article.

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